“Glances on the deportation for reason for homosexuality”

Reproduction of a table carried out by EICHEL
(75 X 65 cm) and offered to association “Forgotten” of the Memory



“Forgotten” of the Memory
Homosexual Civil association of the Duty to remember



“Forgotten” of the Memory, national memory association, 

recognized by the public authorities and the institutions, 

work with the knowledge of the deportation for reason for homosexuality 

and its recognition in France and beyond. 

It is organized as territorial delegations and account a hundred members.
Our action aims at the public authorities and educational, 

as well as the actors of the Memory and fabric L.G.B.T. (lesbian, gay, Bi and trans). 

Resolutely anchored in the present, our approach is also translated 

with the daily newspaper by the interdependent fight against all discriminations. 

Our association, not well-wisher, are opened with all and all, without distinction none.