“Forgotten” of the Memory, national memory association, recognized by the public authorities and the institutions, works with the knowledge of the deportation 

for reason for homosexuality and its recognition in France and beyond. It is organized as territorial delegations and account a hundred members.
Our action aims at the public authorities and educational, as well as the actors of the Memory and fabric L.G.B.T. (lesbian, gay, Bi and trans). 

Resolutely anchored in the present, our approach is also translated with the daily newspaper by the interdependent fight against all discriminations. 

Our association, not well-wisher, are opened with all and all, without distinction none.


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Deportation for homosexuality in some questions and answers.


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Sunday, April 29, 2018, national Day of the Memory of the victims and the heroes of the Deportation.

With the occasion of the national Day of the memory of the victims and the heroes of the deportation, the “ Oublié.e.s” of the Memory Homosexual Civil Association of the Duty to remember will take part on Sunday, April 29, 2018 in the commemorative ceremonies chaired by Mrs Geneviève Darrieussecq Secrétaire of State near the Minister for the armies the Memorial of Shoah then the Memorial of the Martyrs of the Deportation in Paris 4th. [...]

Our memory association representative of the deportees for reason for homosexuality during the Second World War will be also present on April 29th in areas where she undertakes throughout the year a work assiduous and shared with our territorial delegates, our flag-holders and our associations members. [...]


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For a monument dedicated to memory LGBT in France
For a few years and more recently, monuments in memory of victims lesbians, merry, Bi and trans have come out in several cities of the world. In France movement LGBT and more largely hopes for a place or a monument in France which will gather their memories. 

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Historical researches

The persecution of certain minorities by the Nazi regime : repression and persecution of homosexual by the Nazi regime
Find the work undertaken by the Foundation of the Memory of the Deportation, and presented in the bulletin “Memory Alive” n°56/April 2008 (extracted), supplemented by an additive in the bulletin n°58/November 2008. [To be downloaded in format pdf]

Last work

couverture.jpg (75202 bytes)In April 2012, we published a bilingual French-German, explanatory booklet of 16 pages on the deportation for reason for homosexuality, with the support of the Ministry for Defense and the Veterans and the Foundation for the Memory of the Deportation. She in general takes stock of current knowledge of the deportation for reason for homosexuality, while illustrating her French reality in particular.
Booklet available by email.
A contractual participation (sending + impression) of 2€ minimum will be required of you. Thank you.

26 déc.2013: Repression of homosexuality in France during the Occupation

Course - Testimonies

Discover on our page “Course - Testimonies”, the biographies of victims of cruelty Nazi, decrees and off-set for reason of homosexuality, but also for homosexual people having had a significant role in the recent history, of the Second World War at our days, particularly when this lived fell into the lapse of memory.

Pascal Copeau, journalist, resistant, member of the National council of Resistance and politician, victim of the homophobia:
Card Memory 01 - Pascal Copeau


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Association is recognized by the Secretariat of State charged with the Veterans and the Memory and by the Foundation for the Memory with the Deportation.

It is member of the Representative council for the Memory of the Deportation.
It is amenable tothe National office to the Veterans and War victims and takes part in the collection ofthe Work of the “Cornflower of France”.
It is moreover member of the Committee of the Flame under Arc de Triomphe and the association of the Friends of the Foundation for the Memory of the Deportation, 

and profits from the support from the Town of Paris, the Town of Toulouse and the Town of Nancy.

We adhere: withInter-LGBT (Inter Associative Lesbian, merry, Bi and trans), with the S.N.E.G. (National union of the Merry Companies), 
in Center L.G.B.T of Paris - Ile-de-France, withthe AEGIS (Lille ).

Are members of association: Friends of the Foundation for the Memory of the Deportation, FLAG!, Melo' Men, the Sœthe USSR of Perpetual Indulgence, COMIN-G, STATION!

FACE TO FACE Saint-Etienne, the AEGIS (Lille), C.I.GA.LE. (Grenoble), Transgenre National association, Homobus, Beit-Haverim and the Refuge.

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